Town of LaSalle Waterfront Marina Renovations


970 Front Rd, LaSalle, ON

Completion Date

July 2021 to November 2022


The Corporation ofthe Town ofLaSalle sq ft

Contact Person


Contact Person

Contract Type

Vince Ferro Construction Ltd. was awarded the tender for the renovation of an existing Marina building to create an event center on Front Rd. in LaSalle, ON.

The project included demolition of a portion of the concrete floor and walls in the building to accommodate new footings, foundations, and new walls for the 2nd floor ai-ea on either side of the building. The construction included new masomy walls with precast floor and concrete topping. The 2nd floor was constructed of metal studs walls and drywall. On the North side ofthe building there are public washrooms, ticket office, and Serve1y on the first floor. On the 2nd floor, there is a storage room, meeting room and additional washrooms. On the south side, there are offices, and storage areas on both floors. The work included two lift elevators and a material lift.

The work included new masomy walls with stone on the main floor/main event area with glass railings overlooking the main floor.

The exterior ofthe building renovation included new insulated panels on the west side, new canopy on north side that will be the main entrance. The canopy was constructed with new foundations and circular concrete columns with metal stud/composite alun1inum panel on the underside and sides, and a new roof.


The exterior area was landscaped on the front of building and a new asphalt driveway and paved area in the repair was completed as an extra to the contract. The project was a complex renovation due to size ofthe building and unknown conditions due to the building was purchased by the town in the mid-2000.

Vince Ferro Construction delayed on the completion date because of long delivety items and supply chain issues.

Rose Ferro and Brian Miles managed the project, and the site superintendent was Jonathan Ribu. There was no change to staff.

Vince Ferro Construction Ltd. self-performed demolition, concrete work, excavation, and site work.

The major sub-contractors for this project were: Lekter Industrial (mechanical), Tucker Electric (electrical),