Other Projects

Woodslee Credit Union Lakeshore Branch

Renovation to Front Entrance and Facade of W.F. Herman $900,000.00
Cottam Reservoir and Pump House $3,500,000.00
Windsor Essex Housing Corporation, Lauzon Road $1,200,000.00
U of W, Human Kinetics Addition & Renovation $1,100,000.00
Judy Lamarsh Building, Chatham, Mould Remediation $3,500,000.00
Merici Way Town Houses, Chatham $1,100,000.00
St. Clair College, Lab 206 Complex $440,000.00
Ka Wah Manor, Stucco Repairs $100,000.00
Fort Malden Historic Park, Site Modifications $190,000.00
Science Lab Upgrades, Walkerville High School $600,000.00